Getting ready to fire the kiln.......

The Studio

Logo and farm house in Virginia

Painting Dog in process. Using glass paint and pen. Later matts and brushes and muliple kiln firings.

Studio in Martinsburg, WV

Cutting and finishing room

Carol's studio is called Parrish Farm Artworks, to honor her maiden name and her parents' farm in Virginia. The original studio was started at the farm in 1987 and moved to Martinsburg, WV in 1992. Now the studio is in a house behind her home. It is a wonderful location within the city that opens up to the woods, railroad and quarry. You'd never know it is in the city. It feels like the farm with deer and other animals traveling through the front yard.  

With setting up a studio in an old house, many rooms are used for the different stages of glass work. Glass room, putty and blasting room, kiln room, cutting and finishing room, and many more.