Adult Beginners Stained Glass Class

Kids making kaleidoscopes

Students finished stained glass and painted suncatchers

Artist Profile 

Carol Parrish Slovikosky

Carol's Mom, Madeline, wanted to learn how to create stained glass. In 1983, her Christmas gift to her Mom, Dad and herself were lessons from Northern Virginia Community College. Carol found her calling. As a child Carol loved wooden puzzles and fitting the stained glass together was like a glass puzzle. She was always in awe of the windows in church. She fell in love with the process of stained glass; from the design, choosing the glass, cutting, leading or foiling, soldering, to the magic of creating a finishing piece. Carol had found her calling.

Carol's passion for stained glass work has drawn her over the years to continue her education with workshops, conferences and week long intensive studies with national and international artisans thus expanding her knowledge and finally incorporating her love for painting onto the glass. Traditional kiln fired glass painting and modern forms of painting are used in her work.

Carol's prior career in accounting and auditing (she still dabbles in accounting) and prior hand work prepared her for the accuracy, patience and doggedness needed to work in glass. Follow through, from design to completion without cutting corners or rushing, are essential to the finished artwork.

Carol loves to work on repairs and recreating broken stained glass panels, from figuring out the lead lines on a window that has been smashed by vandals or creating a new work, she continues to design and paint on glass.

Beginning in 1998, Carol has been teaching in some capacity to kids and adults in the glass field. whether its teaching kids about kaleidoscope history and then making one using a Pringle can or teaching adults Stained Glass with each student making a panel, the thrill of seeing that look on the students face when the light bulb goes off and they understand the concept or step. It is so satisfying and gratifying. Hopefully, they will continue through their life to continue to learn about glass and other art forms. Also, to see a student later in life and find they have made glass one of their passions is so rewarding. Thank you for continuing the craft. ( Denise, Robert, Carole, Linda and Chuck- the ones she has knowledge of that has continued to create glass artwork)

Carol's passion for working with glass drew her into the Arts and Crafts Non-profit world. In 1988, she began working with Lost River Craft Co-op (now the Lost River Artisan Co-op). From this time to the present she has served on the Board of Directors for multiple Arts supporting Non-Profit organizations and Treasurer and President in several. This would include the Tamarack Artisan Advisory Board, the Washington Street Artisan co-op,  West Virginia Hands, the Heritage Craft Center of the Eastern Panhandle, Inc. and Open Studio Tour. Carol was the Treasurer for the American Glass Guild for 6 years until July 2021 and still active participant with the AGG.‚Äč